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Jacob Hirsch - Bio

Jacob Hirsch J.D., a native of New York, received his Talmudic education in the Mirrer Yeshiva and Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He is also a graduate of Cardozo Law School and has been admitted to both the New York and New Jersey Bars. As founder and president of the Shalom Mediation Center, Jacob Hirsch works diligently to promote shalome and understanding throught the manifold benefits of the mediation process. The Shalom Mediation Center's system is based on the principles of facilitating parties to work out their own agreements according to their own values, priorities and schedules. By providing an informal and collaborative environment, the Shalom Mediation Center encourages parties to express their own concerns and interest while being receptive to the concerns and interest of the other. "I would hope," Jacob explains, "that the center will help promote the benefits of mediation to the Orthodox community which hitherto has been unaware of its viability and success." He maintains a practice in Brooklyn, N.Y. and can be reached at (718) 327-9278 or (917) 840-4806.


The Benefits of Mediation
How is Mediation Different?
Turning Foe into Friend
Moving from positions to interests
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