Science and Torah
Alleged Racism in the Talmud
The Benefits of Mediation
Bereishis - In The Image Of G-d
Bereishis - Finding G-d Through Action
Noach - Months Before Matan Torah
Vayera - Scribal Changes To The Torah
Vayera - Dan In The Time Of Avraham
Va'era - Ibn Ezra On The Torah
Bo - Yoel's Plague
Beshalach - Phillistines During the Time of the Torah
Yisro - Torah And Hammurabi
Mishpatim - An Eye For An Eye
Pekudei - Repetition Of The Mishkan
Tazria - The Female Contribution To Conception
Devarim - Gaining Faith From The Holocaust
Eikev - Why Does G-d Punish?
Va'eschanan - Prophet: True Or False
Proofs Of An Oral Torah
Sacred Writings and the Jewish Canon
On The Text Of The Torah
The Letters Of The Torah
Torah and Science
Scientific Changes And Halacha
The Approach Of The Talmudic Sages To Science
The Shape Of The Earth
Lice And Mice
Alleged Racism in the Talmud
Where do gentiles fit into the Jewish world view?
Gentiles Are Human
Gentiles Are Human 2
Stealing From Gentiles
Paying A Gentile's Wages
Tricking Gentiles
Killing Gentiles
Various Accusations
Blood Libel
The Passover Haggadah is not racist
Kol Nidrei: Permission to deceive?
On Twilight
Halachic Times
Which Year Is Shemita?
Must Prophecies Come True?
Is Judaism a religion or a race?
Are Jews commanded to lie about the Talmud?
Jesus in the Talmud